New Year, New Model

Hello Motze!

Happy New Year to all!

We, Motze, began as an exploration into Asian cuisine, set-menu, limited-run restaurant founded on a lean startup budget. We opened the doors 40 days from lease signing, exclusively served a set menu for $58, and didn't accept gratuity.

The next phase of Motze, lasting from New Years through spring, will feature "Everyday Lunch & Dinner," a more accessible set menu for $50, and most importantly, wage parity for our entire crew. If you'd like more information on Motze's take re: Restaurant Wage Disparity, we'll be posting our full thinking soon. We're food & restaurant geeks, and love talking about it. More on that later. We also know that you, our readers, guest and community are likely most interested in the bottom line. 

We're reducing our set menu price from $58 to $50, opening for lunch and dinner EVERY DAY and allowing gratuity to be added to guest checks. Why? Because it's the best way to address wage disparity between the kitchen & floor crews. We'll now let our guests add gratuity, and it will be shared among EVERYONE (except for the ownership, of course.)

When you eat at Motze, your gratuity will be shared with the entire restaurant team based on an employee's level of responsibility. For example, a line cook and server will enjoy the same percentage from the tip pool, which means they'll make the same amount of money per hour. Furthermore, the entire Motze team can see exactly how gratuity is distributed, and everyone can earn a living wage. 

Thank you for joining us on this Motze Exploration! We're forever iterating with our food, organization, and ourselves. We're excited that you're joining us along the way!

See you soon,


nicolaus balla