Fat Rice

November 16 Motze / Inspired by fat Rice

Motze welcomes Abraham & Adrienne, creators of The Adventures of Fat Rice.
Tonight, Motze's menu will be inspired by their book.  
Set menu - All Diets - No tipping


Pork croquettes - plum sauce / Minchi (Macanese Minced Meat Hash), p230

Norberto's curried vegetable empanadas - apple chutney / Curried Vegetable Chamuças, p49

Singapore pickle salad - mung bean noodles / Singapore Sour Cabbage, p39

Stir fried greens - mushrooms - rainbow trout 'nare zushi' / Stir fried greens, p110


Fat rice porridge - pork, prawns, mussels, preserved wasabi greens / Arroz Gordo "Fat Rice," p69

Spicy sweet and sour eggplant - peanuts / Brinjal Sambal "Spicy Sweet-and-Sour Eggplant,” p64

Smothered pork shoulder - curried daikon / Proco Bafassa (Smothered and Roasted Turmeric Pork Shoulder), p199


Almond gelee - persimmon / Almond Gelee, p252

Peanut butter truffle / Our experience

Sweet potato Batatada - cranberry - buttermilk / Batada (Macanese Potato Cake), p247


58 / seat


*Consuming raw or undercooked foods can be hazardous to your health.