fast - casual

handmade - fine
kitchen - hospitality
individual < or > omakase
mostly drop-in < or > some tickets





A small part of the Motze larder - Originally from Bar Tartine!


  • fast-casual: relaxed & quick service. No pomp. No ceremony. Just delicious food & story.
  • handmade-fine: Motze Made. We make almost everything in-house to provide the clean, ethical & delicious fare. 
  • kitchen-hospitality: Like eating at a friend's kitchen table. Ask a cook for anything you'd like, and we'll bring it out with stories. Motze is 100% waiter-less.
  • individual < or > omakase: you decide or we decide. Choose your own set of Japanese small plates to eat with rice (okazu) OR let us cook for you!
  • mostly drop-in < or > limited tickets: Most friends just drop-in, but we do offer some tables as pre-purchased tickets. Visiting us from across the Bay or farther away? A ticket secures your table, and the full Motze Spread. Plus, no check presentation - it's all on the ticket.