At Bar Tartine, we’ve championed hyper-local sourcing of ingredients, with only a few exceptions coming from far afield. Most of our purveyors are friends and some are literally family. For Motze and future projects, we want to do the same with our business, so we’re changing how we’re seeking investor partners.

Actual investment

Unlike typical crowdfunding, this is NOT a “give us money and we give you a gadget/product/promise.” Your investment is actually a direct loan, that we will repay in full plus a percentage. Visit for more information! 


We build eating places because we love the intersection of food, people and business. Nourishing one another begins and ends with eating together, just as we want this restaurant enterprise to begin and end with our community of investors. We could exclusively use personal funds for our lean capital budget, but we would much rather create a community through direct investor partnership.


Rather than seeking wealthy investors who can purchase $50,000 units, we’re local-funding Motze through direct investment from our Friends, Family, Crew & Community. This local-vest campaign will be exclusively available to our friends & family first, before it becomes available to the public.